summer break

The Shock of Summertime Spending

Holiday season is synonymous with spending. Black Friday sales and credit card debt just come with the territory when you ‘Tis the Season. So, why is it that no one talks about the “Schools out for summer” season?  Parents around the globe find themselves in a predicament every summer… What do you do with your

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We only talk about money

“All we ever talk about anymore is money…”

“All we ever talk about anymore is money…” I have to admit, when my husband said those words to me I felt crushed. And not in that metaphorical sense as in my feelings were hurt, or I was angry, or that I felt he was being unfair. Oh, I had those feelings too, every single

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money spending habits

Diet Soda Made Me Broke

I’m completely addicted. Despite my devotion for clean living and organic food, I can’t seem to give up my diet soda, which is completely hypocritical.  Anyone who knows me, expects to see me lugging around my drink. Like a true addict, I know that it is killing me slowly, and I don’t seem to mind.

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supplemental income

Supplemental Income Needed: The Not So Dirty Little Secret

A stay at home mom, a full-time practicing lawyer and an elementary school teacher walk into a bar.  I’d deliver the punchline but you’re probably skeptical enough to ruin any humor in our set-up.  Just when would any of these people have the free time to walk into a bar, much less coordinate five minutes

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Ways to Save Money While Job Hunting

7 Easy Ways to Save Money While Job Hunting

Make your savings last by cutting the right corners While unemployed, it’s hard not to stress about money. Keeping a positive mindset about the prospect of work can be challenging, but if you do everything you can to save money then you probably won’t run out before finding a job. But until you get work,

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