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Why not me? – Job Searching Tips

Job searching is a transitory circumstance, like broken bones or the flu; the objective is certainly not to prolong the situation. Whether you made the decision to take the plunge for a new job or someone made it on your behalf, the process and the rejection can be brutal. There are many useful job searching

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Make a Great First Impression with a Digital-Intro

Introduce yourself to a possible employer You’ve worked arduously in having a near perfect resume, you carefully completed your personal profile, and finally you are ready to apply for a job. As qualified as you may be, often employers select candidates not only based on their qualifications but on how well they think the prospective

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Freelance Rules

6 Tips to Achieve Freelance Work Success Millions of people worldwide work freelance remotely – whether that means they work from home or from a hotel room on their annual vacation. The freelance remote work phenomenon has spawned a huge number of platforms on which people can find work they can do from the comfort of

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