We strongly believe that a balanced work lifestyle leads to happier and healthier lives for those in the workforce, which also benefits their surrounding circle of family, friends, and community.
Our social cause is the driving force behind our work. We aspire to join like-minded individuals and companies in the pursuit of financial, social, and emotional fulfillment.
We actively seek employment opportunities for our job posts from companies that promote and support flexibility. However, we do also accept posts for jobs with traditional hours.

At The Work Stand, we review jobs regularly, and we do our best to remove posts that appear questionable. Unfortunately, there are untrustworthy people out there.  We strongly encourage our members to do internet research for companies they are applying to using sites such as the Better Business Bureau, RipOffReport.com, and Linkedin.  Also, please read our articles on tips to keep you safe from identity theft, scams, and fraud. If you come across a post that is suspicious, please email us immediately.

The Work Stand launched in April 2017.
We created this site to find a solution to our problem in the current work marketplace. Attempting to go back to work after taking a break to raise our children, we found that too many hours a day were spent commuting, and a big percentage of our paychecks went straight to childcare, not to mention, the emotional toll it took on us and our families.
The gap in our resumes affected our experience and market value. If opportunities existed to work flexibly, we would have continued on in our careers and would not have had such difficulty going back.
While flirting with the idea of creating this site, we found that most people had their own unique story of why they longed to find balance or had the need for flexibility. The list ranged from students and retirees to military families and those needing supplemental income. Work is a main consideration in lifestyle, and we aspire to help you in your search for your perfect match.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We try our best to keep your profile and resume visible to only those whom you sent your resume to. We do advise you not to include your personal information such as a social security number, home address, marital status or religion on your resume. Please see our articles on safety recommendations and FAQ on “Are all jobs posted on The Work Stand legitimate?”

Our job posts are visible to everyone; however, only those that pay for a membership are able to see the full contents of the job post and are able to apply.

We just recently launched our site and are diligently working on increasing job postings. We are growing quickly and ask for your patience. Please check back with us regularly to find new opportunities.
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No. You may only share your profile and apply to the job.

The Work Stand can help you by answering technical questions about our site. We do not offer career counseling or resume building advice.

No. The work stand is a digital magazine and job board.  We provide the technology for companies to post jobs and allow individuals to create personal profiles and submit a resume for the jobs of their choice.  The Work Stand does not have any involvement in the application or selection process, and we do not receive payment or commission for job placements.

We do our best to protect your information. We do not share or sell your email address.  Your email address is solely used for The Work Stand newsletters and promotions.



The Work Stand supports a balanced life. In order to accommodate everyone’s work lifestyle, we divide our jobs into the following categories.

  • On/Off site – Traditional hours, partial time at the office and partial remote.
  • Remote – Ability to work at your own location.
  • Full-Time – Traditional hours on-site.
  • Part-Time – Modified hours on-site.
  • Freelance – Work by the month, week, day or hour.
  • Internships – Work to gain experience in a field (Paid or Unpaid).
  • Temporary – Short-term or project based positions.
  • Non-Profit – Organizations that work to improve society.

Everyone is able enjoy our magazine and browse current job listings at no charge. In order to see the full job listing and apply to jobs you need to purchase a membership. You can cancel your membership at anytime so that it does not auto-renew.  However, there are no refunds.

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If you are interested in featuring your articles in our MAG please contact us at blogger@theworkstand.com and include links to your blogs, writing samples, and a simple bio. Please don’t submit articles. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to every request; however, if we are interested in your work, someone from our editorial team we will contact you.

A Digital-Intro is a cover letter in video format. Make a great first impression, showcase your personality, and introduce yourself by creating a video for a possible employer. Refer to our article on how to make an awesome introductory video. 

Please contact us to let us know about the problem. 

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