summer break
The Shock of Summertime Spending
Holiday season is synonymous with spending. Black Friday sales and credit card debt just come with the territory when you
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We only talk about money
“All we ever talk about anymore is money…”
“All we ever talk about anymore is money…” I have to admit, when my husband said those words to me
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While Mommy is Away
While Mommy is Away…
I learned early on that when you become a mom, you become master of “The List”. Whether it’s a shopping
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Arbitrary Awards
The Bullshit Awards
I was fuming.. My day was interrupted for a Bullshit Award! “Dear Parent, Your son will receive an award…” it
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money spending habits
Diet Soda Made Me Broke
I’m completely addicted. Despite my devotion for clean living and organic food, I can’t seem to give up my diet
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work searching tips
Why not me? – Job Searching Tips
Job searching is a transitory circumstance, like broken bones or the flu; the objective is certainly not to prolong the
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Awkward Questions for Working Women
“When Are You Going to Have Kids?” and Other Awkward Questions for Working Women
As a working woman, it’s hard to avoid the fact that you will face numerous hurdles on the road to
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Working mom
Before Kids… I was Normal
Before my children were born, I was normal.  I realize that this is a statement pretty much any mom reading
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Can Working Moms Have It All?
Can Working Moms Have It All?
My four-year old niece recently said to me during one of our family get togethers “I want to be a
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An Unorthodox Legal Work Culture
California born Ronnie Bitman tells us about his Florida based legal firm which was named “One of Orlando Business Journal’s
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