An Unorthodox Legal Work Culture

California born Ronnie Bitman tells us about his Florida based legal firm which was named “One of Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2015”. Pearson Bitman with an unorthodox approach to the legal work culture attracted not only the right personnel but also new clients.

When and how was Pearson Bitman born?
Pearson Bitman LLP is a spin off from prior law firms that have been around for quite some time.  In an effort to grow, expand, and diversify, named partners, Karl Pearson and Ronnie Bitman, rebranded, diversified, and grew the firm statewide.  Pearson Bitman LLP was formed in late 2012 and began operations in earnest in January 2013.

What sets you apart from other firms? We provide outstanding services at reasonable rates. We often charge significantly less than our contemporaries at other firms, and we provide quality services that are second-to-none.

What is the biggest challenge? Competition. Many lawyers and law firms are proliferating everywhere.   When the economy turned, many people went to law school, and there are a glut of lawyers when there were not before. Competing for clients, quality clients and good cases, is the most difficult challenge.

Please describe the office work culture. Relaxed professional.  We promote a work/life balance that ensures all our employees – lawyers and staff – work hard but have a life outside of the office.

Are all your employees full time? What kind of flexibility do you offer to your employees? We offer significant flexibility. We have full-time and part-time staff.  We have full time lawyers, have counsel lawyers, and we have lawyers that work in dedicated offices…. even remote location lawyers.

Pearson Bitman encourages a relaxed-professional work environment. How do you accomplish this? We have new-mom lawyers and paralegals with cribs and baby toys in their offices. We have a game room for kids to come and do homework and watch tv or play video games during work hours. We don’t have a strict dress code.

Does Pearson Bitman support any philanthropy? Yes – we believe we are in a position to enrich and benefit our community and have an obligation to do so.  We have donated to local charities, non-profits, encourage our staff to sit on boards, and to be good community stewards.  We have sponsored charity events, provided donations for various causes and will continue to do so.

Do you think the work marketplace is evolving? If you do, how does this affect your firm? Yes. The marketplace is evolving because people and their needs are constantly evolving.  We want to be ahead of the curve as far as culture, character, technology, and we want to ensure that we adapt to ever-changing times.  We are flexible about our staff needs and want to ensure that we are able to provide outstanding services through an ever-changing economy and marketplace.  We will do whatever is needed to adapt and ensure we are always the best at what we do.

Pearson Bitman


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